The Machine Shop

Keeping as much as possible in-house is an important aspect of our builds.

Our Mitutoyo Profilometer and Cylinder Hone machine go hand-in-hand to perfect the bore surface finish, which in turn, minimizes break-in time, makes more horsepower and provides excellent longevity for your engine.

For normally aspirated ‘race only’ set ups, a different ‘smoother’ surface finish can be achieved, this will help the engine make more horsepower, whilst still maintaining good oil retaining characteristics and an excellent ring seal. On the other hand, a twin turbo engine using a “dry” fuel like Alcohol or E85 will require a ‘rougher’ surface finish to help retain the oil on the cylinder walls

Our Sunnen Rod Honing Machine is used to hone the big and small end housings to spec. This is important for correct bearing clearance as well as bearing crush. It also allows us to dial in different clearances for different engine applications and horsepower levels.

We also have a Sunnen rod and cap grinder, Lathe and a Milling Machine which we use for general machining.

We continue to grow our collection of tools and machinery and soon hope to acquire a full CNC block center and CNC hone, making us a fully independent in-house engine and machine shop.