Our in-house machine shop features state-of-the-art technology and CNC equipment. All of our blocks are machined in our Haas 4-axis CNC machining center, and then honed in our Sunnen SV-30 CNC honing machine. These machines, along with our Mitutoyo Profilometer enable us to perfect the bore surface finish and geometry.

Top Fuel hoops are used in severe high boost applications, both Supercharged and Turbocharged. We machine the cylinder head to accept the one piece stainless steel ‘hoop’, and the block is machined for a receiver groove. These are used in conjunction with copper cylinder head gaskets. We have hoops made to our custom sizes for most common engine applications.

Our Sunnen Rod Honing Machine is used to hone the big and small end housings per application, and our Sunnen Line hone machine is used to blueprint the main housing tunnel, for both correct surface finish, and diameter.