ACE Racing Engines offer a variety of LS and Hemi engine options for forced induction applications ranging from 1500hp to 4000hp+.

Our engines include Drag-‘n’-Drive type set-ups, to fully competitive Drag racing engines used in x275, Pro275, RvW, ProMod etc.

All of our Shorts blocks, Long blocks and Turnkey engines are CNC Machined in-house and fully blueprinted using the best precision technology & equipment available.

Every engine we build receives full, meticulous attention to detail throughout the whole process. We provide each client with fully detailed Engine Build Specification Sheets, including Surface Finish Reports.

Long blocks and Turnkey engines also come fully broken in on our Dyno and with Engine Dyno Logs.

Please contact us to to speak to Owner, Engine Builder and Drag Racer Stefan Rossi, and discuss your next engine build!