High Performance Street and Drag Race Engine builder specializing in turbocharged LS engines. Ideal for extreme Street Cars, Drag Week cars and Race Cars! Every engine is CNC machined, custom built to each customers requirements and fully blueprinted!

ACE Racing Engines LS engine builder Drag Race Engine Builder
Drag Race Engine Builder
Twin turbo Drag Race Engine
Twin Turbo 66 Chevy Nova Drag Race Engine Builder
drag Race engine builder
LS Twin Turbo Engine 2000hp
MGP Billet Aluminum Connecting Rods
Drag Race Engine Builder
ACE Racing Engines LS engine builder
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Race engine builder
LS Twin Turbo Engine 2000hp
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Whether it’s a 1000hp twin turbo streetcar engine or an all-out 3000hp+ Drag Racing engine you’re looking for; the same pride and attention to detail goes into every engine we build here at ACE Racing Engines.

Engine Room
Twin Turbo LS Engine
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Take a look around our Engine Room, Machine Shop and Dyno Room and check out the equipment that enables us to provide extreme quality and precision, performance engines.

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Keep up to date with our Twin Turbo ’66 Chevy Nova Drag Week car and other ACE drag racing and street car projects including our #moredoor ’66 Chevelle twin turbo street car and our ’63 2442cc powered Cal Look bug.

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We use FuelTech on our own Chevrolet Drag and Street cars and even our Aircooled VW, and are proud to be a dealer for their state of the art performance management system. Contact us if you have any questions about which FT ECU is right for you.

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We Blueprint EVERYTHING there is to be blueprinted, including Surface finish and bore geometry, which is a vital step of any high-performance build. It plays a huge part in piston ring seal and making optimum horsepower for your engine requirements. There are many machine and engine shops that do not own the necessary measuring apparatus to measure the R numbers in the surface finish, these shops are merely shooting in the dark and are missing the crucial information required to build a top-spec engine which will survive in the application it is intended for.

Each client receives our fully detailed Build Specification Sheets showing every measurement and statistic logged during the Blueprinting phase of the build. This includes Surface Finish Reports of each cylinder and deck sealing surfaces taken from the data collected via our Mitutoyo Profilometer.

We like to get to know our customers, and we want the very best build to go into your vehicle and for your application requirements. We are proud to offer our clients only the best products on the market, which we have personally tried and tested in our own street and race cars. For this reason, every engine we build is custom to meet our clients’ specifications and not available ‘off the shelf’.

We keep our customers updated throughout the whole process. We also log photos and videos of each build on our Social Media pages every day. You can check out our work on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.

We use only the best products on the market, from all the best suppliers, including: