Aircooled VW 2276cc Turbo Engine


All new 2276cc Turbo aircooled engine, using only the best parts on the market & fully blueprinted!

Each engine we build is custom per client; we do not operate an assembly line therefore our engines are not ‘off the shelf’. The list below is a non-exhaustive list of components we like to work with, though we prefer to speak to our clients first and foremost to discuss their engine requirements before finalizing the build spec.  Please contact our chief engine builder and owner Stefan, if you would like a quote or to place an order.


Our 2276cc turbo aircooled VW engine with the Bernie Bergmann Porsche Fan Kit is our most popular engine and we’ve had some great color combination requests! This complete turnkey engine consists of all the best products on the market, including a Garrett turbo (or two!), A1 turbo exhaust and FuelTech EFI engine management system.

We have personally tried and tested all the parts we include in our builds, ensuring our customers get the best of the best. We blueprint every part and stage of our engine builds. Cylinder surface finish and geometry are vital steps to any engine build, not just aircooled, though they are often missed or not even considered.

We choose to work with FuelTech over any other EFI system because not only does it actually manage everything from one ECU, the state of the art software is updated regularly and the customer service is outstanding.

Check out our Machine Shop to learn about the importance of surface finish, and take a look at our Engine Room page, where we show you our top of the range measuring equipment and the clinical, clean, engine assembly room.

Labor Included:

  • Balancing
  • Machining
  • Cylinders honed for correct piston to wall clearance
  • Cylinder Surface finish report
  • Engine Blueprinted
  • Heads CC’d & valve Job
  • Valve spring set up
  • Engine Break-In
  • Engine Leak Down Test

Main Components (please contact for full list of products used):

  • Aluminum super race case 94mm 8mm studs & full flow
  • CB 4340 82mm crankshaft chevy
  • Clevite H Series Rod bearings
  • Mahle or Silverline steel back Main Bearings
  • Mahle Dual thrust cam bearings
  • Scat 5.325” H beam con rods 3/8 ARP 2000 bolts Chevy Journal
  • Straight Cut Cam gears
  • Engle camshaft TCS-20, Clearanced.
  • Engle Cam Followers PH coated
  • JE forged Pistons
  • 94mm cylinders honed with surface report
  • Total Seal Gapless/Gas ported Piston Rings
  • CB Performance Thin Line Sump 1.5 qt
  • Gene Berg Relief oil pump cover
  • JayCee O ringed oil drain plate for CB sump
  • CB 44 x 37.5 044 CNC Wedge Port cylinder heads
  • Titanium Retainers
  • Manton Aluminum Super Duty push rods
  • Pauter Heavy duty 1.3:1 ratio roller rockers
  • Stainless steel racing push rod tubes
  • Gene Berg German valve covers with -8AN vents
  • VW German valve cover bail clips
  • Kennedy Stage 2 clutch
  • Daiken Ridged disc super duty 200mm
  • Bernie Bergmann Porsche Fan Kit
  • Paint & Powder-coating color of your choice
  • The Dub Shop Crank Trigger Wheel
  • Turbosmart BOV & Wastegate
  • Fuel Injector Clinic Injectors
  • Custom Aluminum Intake Piping
  • Garrett GT3076r turbo
  • Fueltech/ACE Racing FT450 Aircooled VW efi kit
  • A1 Stainless Steel Turbo header

We believe transparency is key to building good relationships with our customers and ask that you reach out to us if you don’t see what you are after, need a little help deciding, or want something slightly different. We like to get to know our customers and their requirements for their street or race engine build; we want the best for your car too!

Please contact us for leads times and to speak to owner and Chief Engine Builder, Stef, about your engine requirements prior to ordering.

Check out our featured article in Engine Builder Magazine, September 2021, HERE.
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Additional information

Weight 400 lbs
Dimensions 42 × 40 × 36 in