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Dailey Engineering 1 Stage Aircooled VW Oil Pump


The Dailey Engineering 1 Stage aircooled VW oil pump is a far superior oil pump than standard aftermarket VW pumps, and comes with an internal pressure relief valve, perfect for high-performance aircooled VW builds.

Whenever we post an engine on our social media pages with a Dailey Engineering External Wet Oil Pump on our Type 1 builds, you guys go crazy over them!

In stock and ready to ship are the Dailey Engineering “SP Series” Oil pumps; a revolutionary small pump design with a body size of 2.4″ X 2.7″ designed to match the flow of the Dailey Engineering full size oil pump, with a weight reduction of 33%.

This is a far superior design compared to standard aftermarket Aircooled VW oil pumps.

  • 1.25″ Pressure Gears
  • STD Pressure Spring

SP Stage 1 Oil Pump CAD Drawing- VW Oil Pump

For more information about Dailey Engineering Oil Pumps please visit their website: https://www.daileyengineering.com/

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