A clean workspace, high-end measuring equipment and the correct tools are absolutely essential for any race engine builder.

When it comes to measuring engine components and recording specifications, ACE Racing Engines go above and beyond the scope of most engine builders. We recognize the importance of keeping up to date with modern engine building techniques and believe this is a key difference between an engine assembler and an engine builder, and why ACE stand out from the crowd.

Owner Stefan Rossi, works closely with Lake Speed Jr. at Total Seal Piston Rings and Brad Lagman at QMP Racing to achieve the best cylinder wall finish and ring package we possibly can. Whether it’s a street or racing engine, naturally aspirated or forced induction, each individual engine has custom requirements. Check our Machine Room page to learn why surface finish is so important.

The Measuring Equipment

Our newest measuring apparatus is the brain child of Brad Lagman at QMP Racing. The personalized MC-1 measuring center will provide the most accurate measurements for the smaller, rounder components of our engines, such as pistons & bearings. Accurate & thorough processes are the key to a great engine build.

We’ve recently updated our Mitutoyo digital gauges to Bluetooth “hands-free” operation, freeing up some time switching between our computers and measuring. They also ensure accuracy, eliminating the risk of human error when manually entering those all important and very specific figures into our software. The Performance Trends software allows us to save and print each and every measurement we take for every build. All build specifications and measurements are supplied to our customers for their records too.

We’ve recently added an Automatic Spring Tester to our list of tools. Compared to a manual spring tester, the new automatic unit has a much greater spring height measurement and force range. It also connects to our computer station and concurrently auto-fills our Performance Trends software with the data, ensuring accurate measurements and logs for every spring.