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Total Seal Piston Rings – Gapless & Gas-Ported

Please call  +1 (424) 378-1219 or e-mail us to discuss your build, surface finish and application prior to ordering.

We have worked together with the experts from Total Seal Piston Rings, to put together a selection of ring packages for our builds depending on whether the engine is naturally aspirated or forced induction. Utilizing Total Seals’ Gapless & Gas-Ported piston rings, we have been able to achieve zero % leak down @ 100psi of cylinder pressure!

In an N/A motor you will see a good increase in horsepower due to increased vacuum on the intake stroke.

The main goal in the case of a turbo motor is ring seal and minimizing blow-by as much as possible whilst driving off-boost with a big piston ring gap. Using a two piece gapless top ring will ensure your engine will last much longer due to no fuel contaminating the oil, or oil contaminating the combustion. On a boosted engine we tend to run larger ring gaps but because of this, it exaggerates the contamination issue. A gapless top ring almost completely eliminates these problems.