Aircooled VW FuelTech FT450 EFI Kit by ACE Racing Engines. Complete with Base Tune!


Our complete Plug and Play FuelTech kit for all Aircooled engines, comes with the all in one FuelTech FT450 ECU Digital Dashboard and data logger with boost controller, and a tried and tested base tune from our own engine builds to get you started!


FuelTech is , in our opinion, the best efi system currently on the market! It is constantly being updated and continues to push the boundaries of electronic fuel injection. Don’t settle for inferior quality ECU’s with less features, no aftersales tech or any ability for a tuner to log in via Wi-Fi and tune remotely!

We supply this kit with a base tune from our own tried and tested engine builds, to get you started, though we do advise all customers to have their engine tuned professionally, and seek help from the vast variety of support options FuelTech offers, where necessary.

Our standard Aircooled VW FuelTech FT450 EFI Kit for all aircooled engines, comes with the all in one FT450 ECU Digital Dashboard and data logger. With electronic fuel injection, integrated dashboard, data acquisition, power management, boost controller and flex fuel sensor for Aircooled VW turbo efi engines.

This kit can also be used for carbureted engines for FULL timing control, O2 sensor controller, traction control, safety shut downs to protect your investment and full 256 channel data logger. Perfect for Carbureted race cars or street cars wanting full electronic control without making the jump to full Electronic Fuel Injection! Ditch that external data logger, external O2 controller, Ignition, limiter and delay boxes and those messy array of gauges and replace it for ONE system!

The FuelTech FT450 is the perfect product for projects that require a great cost-benefit by enjoying all PowerFT line features like sequential fuel injection and ignitionO2 closed loop (self tuning)active traction controlintegrated Boost Controllerinternal dataloggerprogressive and PRO-Nitrous controlsodometersdrag racing features and more.

In a sturdy and high-quality waterproof plastic case, 26-pin automotive connectorUSB communication and a CAN Bus port, it has 7 inputs and 10 outputs fully configurable.

The FT450 LCD screen makes it possible to tune and setup all the settings without a PC, the perfect integration between between the ECU and the vehicle dashboard! The newest update allows the user to update their fuel map by applying the O2 closed loop corrections that took place from a log file. The map files of all the PowerFT ECUs are compatible with each other, meaning that you can upgrade ECUs and keep the same tune.

This kit is based on a single turbo set-up and consists solely of FuelTech components. We recommend upgrading from the 10ft extension harness to the 20ft harness, if using in a bus. If you have questions about the other non-FuelTech items required to switch to to EFI, please check out our COMPLETE Aircooled EFI kit or give us a call!

  • 1 x FuelTech FT450 ECU
  • 1 x FT450/550 4 Cylinder Universal A Harness
  • 1 x FT450/550 4 Cylinder Unterminated extension A Harness 10ft
  • 1 x WB-O2 Nano
  • 1 x WB-O2 sensor (gasoline)
  • 2 x PS-150 Pressure Sensors
  • 1 x Oil Temperature Sensor
  • 1 x Air Temperature Sensor
  • 1 x Throttle Position Sensor (Ford)
  • 4 x IGN1A smart coils (40,000 volts / 103mj spark PER cylinder)
  • Aircooled VW/ACE Racing Engines Base Tune from our own tried and tested engine builds!

Also available to simplify installation of your FuelTech FT450 is FuelTech’s FT450 steering column mounting bracket:




Product intended for off road race-only, ground vehicle use only. FuelTech and/or ACE Racing Engines are not responsible for any misuse of these products. Check with your local authorities regarding highway laws in your area. ACE Racing Engines holds no liability for any tuning errors. All sales are final.


Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 12 in