LAT PRO LITE ATF for Automatic Racing Transmissions


LAT PRO-Lite ATF Synthetic Transmission Fluid, is specifically blended for use in automatic racing transmissions.

LAT PRO-Lite ATF synthetic Transmission Fluid was developed for automatic racing transmissions in high altitude areas. Through extensive regress testing our PRO-Lite ATF reduced drag, loosened up converters, and gained RPM’s at the start using this lighter viscosity blend. Now LAT offer racers the advantage of fine tuning your transmissions based on track environments, and operating altitudes.

Recommended for Drag Racing!

  • Reduces temperatures
  • Increase lock-ups
  • Smoother shifts
  • Superior thermal and oxidation stability
  • Excellent wear protection
  • Appearance: Amber
  • Viscosity @100c  6.4
  • Viscosity Index  165.00
  • TBN   7.9

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