Hughes Torque Converters

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Hughes Performance offer some of the best convertors on the market. All tried and tested prior to shipping.

They offer a range of Convertors to suit your engine & transmission requirements:

Performance Converters

Pro-Street 30 Series

All Pro-Street converters are brazed to increase strength and have full needle bearing design, front and rear to insure reliability. All stall speeds are approximate and will depend upon application.

Competition Converter 40 Series

The most important factor in performance driving is how your car leaves the starting line. This Hughes Street and Strip converter is exclusively designed for the serious racer. The replacement of the fiber thrust washers with heavy duty needle bearings packages enables this converter to be run on the street, but is recommended for the strip.

Street/Strip 35 Series

Excellent for weekend racing and high performance street use. All converters are brazed and feature a strengthened sprag, special cut stator, and full needle bearings front and rear.

Pro Competition 45 Series

All Pro Competition series converters have full needle bearing replacement of fiber washers. Special silicon spot brazing on top and bottom add to strength and reliability. Hughes performance installs a premium built sprag assembly and a specially machined stator.

Full Race Converter

These custom units are the finest available and offer a number of upgrades from their performance converter line. All units feature silicon spot brazed fins. A forged aluminum stator is also used because of its ability to multiply torque better than a steel stator. Other features include a 4130 Chrome-Moly Turbine Hub, a redesigned Internal Sprag, with New Springs and Rollers, Torrington Bearings, a Process-90 Hardened Hub and Dual Anti-Ballooning plates. Each unit is hand crafted from these parts to build a specialty unit for your application only. Using a variety of fin angles and stators, as well as different types of turbine clearances and sprags, Hughes puts together a winning combination for your vehicle every time.

In order for Hughes to build your new converter, many vehicle specs are needed. These include: engine size, carburetor size, vehicle weight, cam specs, rear end ratio. trans. type, motor plate thickness, and in some cases, your desired stall ratio. Please refer to the tech info on Page 29 when ordering a Hughes PRO Series converter.


By using the finest parts available and a wide variety of combinations, Hughes can build a converter for your high performance application. These units are tested and proven by their race team, “Hughes Motorsports”, and we at “ACE Racing Engines” have their 3000hp+ rated transmission with GearVendors pro mod overdrive unit, billet bolt together Pro SSX converter and dual series dump valve kit on our 3000hp ’66 Nova drag car!

If you are ready for consistency, durability and that race winning combination, give us a call or drop us an e-mail.