Energy Billet LS Block, Billet engine


Energy Manufacturing billet LS blocks begin life as a 490 pound block of high grade forged 6061 aluminum. Featuring rolled thread tapped holes for extra strength and high strength cylinder liners, careful attention is given to fit and finish of the overall block. Each semi-finished block is thoroughly heat treated to T6 Standards.

Lead time approximately 10-12 weeks.

The Energy Manufacturing Billet LS Block is ideal for racers looking to make 4000hp+ in events such as Pro275, X275, Limited Drag Radial, Outlaw 10.5, Grudge and other forms of competition drag racing.

Energy products are engineered to reliably perform in high cylinder pressure engines such as N20, Turbocharged and Supercharged applications.

Energy Manufacturing Billet LS Block Build Data:

  • 55 mm Babbitt to 60 mm Roller Cam Bore Options
  • Standard or Custom Bushed Lifters
  • Machined Chamfers
  • Priority Main Oiling
  • Improved Lifter Gallery Cross Over Oiling with Restrictor
  • High Strength Bearing Bronze Cam Thrust Retention
  • Standard or Raised Camshaft Positions
  • 1/2”ARP Main Studs With Cross Bolts
  • 1/2” Head Stud Provisions
  • 3/8” Outer Head Stud Provisions
  • 7075 Aluminum or 4140 Steel Main Caps

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