Driven GP-1 conventional SAE 50 oil

Driven GP-1 Conventional SAE 50 Racing Oil


The Driven GP-1 Conventional SAE 50 Racing Oil is compatible with Methanol, E85, and High-Octane Race Fuels.

Available in 1 Gallon Bottles.

Driven GP-1 SAE 50 Racing Oil is formulated for Antique Heavy Duty-Military Engine Applications and other Antique Vehicle Restorations.

  • Can also be used in vintage race applications, or other performance applications where a 40 Grade is needed
  • Pennsylvania Grade Base Oil for Optimum Anti-Wear Performance
  • High Zinc Content
  • Also includes Moly
  • Prevents Leaks
  • Separates Water Contamination
  • Higher Pressure-Viscosity Coefficient
  • Modern Additive Technology in a Vintage Formulation
  • Compatible with Methanol, E85, and High-Octane Race Fuels.

GP-1 synthetic blend high performance motor oils are formulated using Pennsylvania petroleum combined with a high zinc (ZDDP) content that has been engineered and tested to deliver increased horsepower and better engine wear protection under high load. Available in 20W-50, 15W-40, 10W-30, and 5W-20 viscosity for high performance engines, as well as a Nitro 70 Grade Race Oil and a Straight 30 viscosity Break-In oil. The perfect performance oil for competition cars, custom cars, hot rods, classic cars, imports, and racing applications.

Engineered and Tested to Deliver INCREASED HORSEPOWER along with More Than 30% BETTER Engine Wear Protection Compared to the Competition.

The Driven GP-1 Break In oil offers race grade protection and performance at a fraction of the price of a full synthetic. The unique properties of Pennsylvania grade base oil compounded with select synthetic components provide a higher Pressure-Viscosity Coefficient for excellent High Temperature-High Shear (HTHS) stability for increased film thickness; combined with Driven’s ZDDP additive package GP-1 delivers a synergetic chemical balance, producing enhanced wear protection.