Aircooled VW Cylinder Honing Services_Before & After

Aircooled VW Type 1 Cylinder Honing Services


Fully custom cylinder honing service with surface finish report, available for all Aircooled VW engine builders – professional or hobbyist.
Maximize ring seal, decrease unwanted friction and heat and eliminate premature piston ring wear. This all equates to more horsepower, cleaner oil, a cooler running engine and better engine longevity!
We use a state-of-the-art Sunnen SV-30 CNC Honing machine and the latest measuring equipment available, ensuring ALL cylinders are fully inspected and honed with precision, depending on the application and fuel.
Send us your 4 cylinders for our honing or purchase brand new cylinders –HERE.
Why is cylinder honing important?

The Machine Shop at ACE, is home to our Cylinder honing machining and the latest measuring equipment available, including our Mitutoyo Profilometer.  These go hand-in-hand to perfect the cylinder bore surface finish, which in turn, minimizes break-in time, makes more horsepower and provides excellent longevity for your engine.

For normally aspirated ‘race only’ set ups, a different ‘smoother’ surface finish can be achieved. This will help the engine make more horsepower, due to increased vacuum on the intake stroke, whilst still maintaining good oil retaining characteristics and an excellent ring seal. On the other hand, a turbo engine using a “dry” fuel like Alcohol or E85 will require a ‘rougher’ surface finish to help retain the oil on the cylinder walls. The main goal in the case of a turbo motor is ring seal and minimizing blow-by as much as possible whilst driving off-boost with a big piston ring gap. Using a two piece gapless top ring will ensure your engine will last much longer due to no fuel contaminating the oil, or oil contaminating the combustion. On a boosted engine we tend to run larger ring gaps but because of this, it exaggerates the contamination issue. A gapless top ring almost completely eliminates these problems.

Both of these finishes are perfected by multiple honing stones applied in a certain sequence. The process involves using the Profilometer between each step to check the readings are within a certain range and maintain consistent characteristics throughout each cylinder. All of the final readings are logged in our customers Engine Spec Sheets for ours and their records.

Utilizing Total Seals’ Gapless & Gas-Ported piston rings, we have been able to achieve zero % leak down @ 100psi of cylinder pressure!

Our Aircooled VW Cylinder Honing Service:

We can hone your own cylinders or provide you with a brand new set. We can also offer a piston ring package from Total Seal Piston Rings, custom for  your engine specifications. Contact us to discuss your build and for a current pricing.

With over 10 years of Aircooled VW engine building experience, extensive R&D, and numerous awards under our collar, we want to help you get the most out of your build.