3000hp DART LSN2 HYDRAULIC ROLLER HP World Record Holder Engine Package!!


The most powerful Hydraulic Roller LS engine in the World -2312rwhp!

The Ultimate Drag ‘N’ Drive Engine!

This engine completed 1000 street miles during ‘Sick Week 2022’ in Florida.

Prices vary depending on Turbos(s) and Intake requirements, please contact us to discuss your engine and obtain a formal quote.




Set up includes, but not limited to the following machining/blueprinting:

  • Balancing
  • CNC Block Machining
  • Machine for Jesel Belt drive
  • Block receiver groove
  • Top fuel hoop heads
  • Cylinders double torque plate diamond honed for correct piston to wall clearance and surface finish
  • Full surface finish report on deck, head and cylinder wall finish
  • Engine fully blueprinted
  • Heads CC’d and valve job
  • Valve spring heights set up
  • Pushrod length
  • Rocker geometry
  • Machining for Jesel Belt Drive


  • 3000hp rated Twin Turbo Dart LS Next2 Iron block
  • Bore & stroke –TBD
  • Engine size – 427ci
  • Piston Dish/Dome – TBD

Short Block Components:

  • Dart LS Next2 Iron block 4.125″ bore
  • Dart LS Next2 upgrade to 1/2 main studs
  • Dart LS Next2 upgrade for 1/2 head studs
  • Callies Magnum CCW crankshaft
  • Clevite H-Series Rod Bearings
  • Clevite H-Series Main Bearings
  • MGP aluminum rods
  • Custom Ross Racing Pistons
  • Total Seal piston rings

Optional Upgrades:

  • Cleveland Mains available (Please call to discuss)

Long Block Components:

  • Dailey 4 Stage dry sump set up
  • CID BE LS7 Heads
  • Extreme Duty Inconel Exhaust valves
  • Ti Intake valves
  • Clarke Copper Cylinder Head Gaskets
  • Custom turbo camshaft
  • Custom Valve Springs
  • Custom Series 5 Manton push rods
  • Custom LS7 shaft roller rocker arms
  • RCD Gear Drive
  • Johnson Hydraulic lifters
  • Improved Racing Oil Pan Gasket
  • Rear timing covers & gaskets
  • Billet valley cover
  • ACE Racing Engines Billet valve covers (black w/ -12AN breathers)

Turnkey Parts & EFI System:

  • Fuel Tech FT600 ECU
  • FuelTech PRO600 V8 Harness
  • FuelTech Smart coil Harness
  • IGN1A Smart coils x8
  • W02 Nano controller x2
  • WB-O2 sensors x2
  • PS150 pressure sensors x3
  • Coolant/Water Temp Sensor
  • Air Temp sensor
  • TPS (ford)
  • FT Vacuum distribution block
  • Peak and Hold Injector Drivers 8A/2A x 2
  • ATI Damper
  • ARP Damper bolt
  • TCI Flexplate
  • ARP Flexplate bolts
  • Aeromotive Spur Gear mechanical fuel pump w/ 3/8 hex shaft
  • RCD Fuel pump snout
  • FuelTech 820Lb x8 injectors
  • Wilson 105mm billet LS throttle bodies
  • Shaun’s Custom Alloy Billet Intake Manifold and Fuel Rails (Dual TB)
  • AN steam vent kit


  • Garrett G55-1950 turbos w/stainless V band housings
  • Turbosmart 60mm wastegate x2
  • Turbosmart 50mm Blow off valve x2

This engine is also available as a short block or long block!

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This 3000hp+ turbo LS iron crate engine is based on a twin or single turbo application with a good tune.

12-1 External trigger wheel.

We work closely with our suppliers to keep on top of, and be a part of new innovations in our industry. Click here for more information about Total Seal Gapless & Gas-ported Piston Rings.

ACE Racing Engines makes no guarantee regarding operation of the Goods in settings or in ways that may be illegal or highly regulated, including those regarding smog and emissions. Please refer to your State/Country guidelines.