Being drag racers ourselves, we take pleasure in building relationships with our customers over our shared passion, and take pride in being a part of their team.

We thrive from research and development and ‘getting out there’ ourselves to test the capabilities of our engine combinations. We use the best components available on the market, combined with world class machining processes and precision data collection. These are all vital ingredients to building a high-caliber engine.
Over 20 years track and engine building experience, testing our own combinations and keeping up-to-date with modern machining and engine building processes, provides us with the dedication, expertise and skill to help our customers get the most of out their engines, time and time again!

Each of our clients receive a comprehensive record of measurements in the form of our Build Specification, Surface Finish Reports, and engine dyno logs. A lot of engine builders overlook these important figures and don’t document, let alone provide clients with any of this information.
The data we collect is important for R&D. When we receive a clients engine back for a refresh, we retrieve the old data and collect new data so that we can determine if or where machining needs to be done, and if new parts need to be obtained.

Being a part of our Engine Refresh Program allows us to evolve and you to go faster!