In January 2022, ACE Racing Engines became the V8 Hydraulic world record holder for RWHP, with our custom built 3000+hp LS crate engine.

We thrive from research and development and ‘getting out there’ ourselves to test the capabilities of our engine combinations. We use the best components available on the market, combined with world class machining processes and precision data collection. These are all vital ingredients to building a high-caliber engine. Each client receives a comprehensive record of measurements in the form of our Build Specification and Surface Finish Reports, including engine dyno recordings.

All of our engines are completely custom and built to accommodate the fuel(s) and power-adder suitable to the desired application.

  • Normally Aspirated or Forced Induction.
  • Aluminum, Iron or Billet blocks and accessories.
  • Hydraulic or Solid Roller.
  • Flex-Fuel options.
  • Wet external & Dry sump options.
  • Competition Drag Racing
  • Drag ‘N’ Drive
  • Drag Racing Programs for teams.

Our complete turnkey engine packages featured here are not exhaustive and prices may differ depending on chosen components. We like to build a strong relationship with our customers and keep in contact throughout the build process. We’ll spend time with you to make sure your engine ideas or racing goals are met with the correct components, and discuss your budget and options.

Please contact us and speak to Owner, Engine Builder and Drag Racer Stefan Rossi to discuss your race engine program requirements.