We offer block and cylinder honing services to all V8 and Aircooled shops, engine builders and hobbyists.

Why is Cylinder Honing an important aspect of my engine build?

Normally aspirated ‘race only’ set ups, require a ‘smooth’ surface finish to help the engine make more horsepower, whilst still maintaining good oil retaining characteristics and an excellent ring seal.

A turbo engine using a “dry” fuel like Alcohol or E85 will require a ‘rougher’ surface finish to help retain the oil on the cylinder walls.

Both of these finishes are perfected by multiple honing stones applied in a certain sequence. The process involves using a Profilometer between each step to check the ‘R’ readings are within a certain range and maintain consistent characteristics throughout each cylinder. All of the final readings are logged and records given to all customers.

Our Mitutoyo Profilometer and Honing Machine go hand-in-hand to perfect the bore surface finish, which in turn, minimizes break-in time, makes more horsepower and provides excellent longevity for your engine, whether it’s an Aircooled VW or a V8!

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