LSx Drag Racing & Street Engines

Custom built LSx Drag Racing & Street Engines from 600hp to 3000hp+ for normally aspirated or forced induction applications.

We Blueprint EVERYTHING there is to be blueprinted, including Surface finish and bore geometry, which is a vital step of any high-performance build. It plays a huge part in piston ring seal and making optimum horsepower for your engine requirements. There are many machine and engine shops that do not own the necessary measuring apparatus to measure the R numbers in the surface finish, these shops are merely shooting in the dark and are missing the crucial information required to build a top-spec engine which will survive in the application it is intended for.

All our Shorts blocks, Long blocks and Crate engines are fully balanced and blueprinted. Every LSx drag racing and street engine we build receives full, meticulous attention to detail throughout the whole build process. We also provide each client fully detailed Build Specification Sheets for their engine and a Surface Finish Report with the data collected via our Mitutoyo Profilometer.

Check out our Machine Shop to learn about the importance of surface finish, and take a look at our Engine Room page, where we show you our top of the range measuring equipment and the clinical, clean, engine assembly room.

We believe transparency is key to building good relationships with our customers and ask that you reach out to us if you don’t see what you are after, need a little help deciding, or want something slightly different. We like to get to know our customers and their requirements for their street or racing engine build; we want the best for your car too!

Please contact us for leads times and to speak to owner and Chief Engine Builder, Stef, about your engine requirements and to dial in the spec before ordering.