Total Seal Piston Rings

We work closely with Total Seal Piston Rings to establish ring packages that are suitable for all of our engine packages. This helps to ensure maximum ring seal, more horsepower, prolonged ring seal and engine life. The correct surface finish and piston rings for your application, N/A or boosted, are the most essential parts of any engine build.

Watch our YouTube video where ACE owner & engine builder Stefan Rossi, shows us the equipment he uses to measure bore size and piston to wall clearance, including the brand new Mitutoyo Bluetooth dongles for their digital bore gauge and Profilometer, in conjunction with Performance Trends software. He also discusses the new Total Seal Gas Ported Piston Rings and the importance of the correct piston ring seal for your application, ensuring better volumetric efficiency, or in other words –  more horsepower!

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