ACE Racing – ’66 Chevy II Nova SS

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Hot Rod Magazine Drag Week 2021 preparations are fully underway…

The new overhaul sees, FuelTech FT600 ECU, two Garrett GTX5533R Turbos, Dart LS Next2 block, Callies Ultra Billet Crank, our own JE Pistons/ACE Racing Engines custom pistons, MGP Aluminum rods, RDC gear drive, Aeromotive fuel pump, Dailey Engineering dry sump oil system, Shaun’s Custom Alloy Billet Intake, Hughes Performance Transmission with Gear Vendors overdrive and Sander Racing Double Beadlock wheels.

The old Nova…

Summer 2016 – Shakespeare County Raceway -Warwickshire, England, UK.

Best 1/4 mile E/T to date: 8.97 @ 148 (2016)
Previous Engine: 415ci Small Block Chevy (6800cc) 800hp on methanol
Transmission: Powerglide
Chassis: SFI Spec 25.1

The 2016 season in the UK, saw the Nova with a fiberglass front end and a 415ci Small Block Chevy engine. Shortly after reaching the goal of an 8 second quarter mile pass, the Nova was stripped back in preparation for the Drag Week dream, stateside.

Grandma’s More Door

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The twin turbo ‘more door’ sleeper coming to the streets of LA very soon…

Sunbathing in the Arizona desert, this lucky 1966 4-door “more door” Chevelle Malibu has been brought back to a slightly cooler SoCal for a new lease of life.

A few upgrades have taken place; Wilwood brakes, Viking Crusader coilovers, UMI tubular suspension, Hughes Performance billet torque converter and 2000hp TH400 transmission, Precision Performance shifter, FuelTech FT550 EFI, and last but not least, an ACE Racing 1200hp motor with two G35-1050 reverse rotation Garrett turbos. All mounted on four perfectly conventional steel wheels with dog dish caps for true ‘sleeper’ demeanor.

Stay tuned for engine photos coming very soon!

Our DYNO Room is becoming a reality!

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Sneak peeks of our newly acquired 1600hp capable Stuska Dyno, accommodating it into our workshop and the excitement of our future growth of research and pursuing HP!

We have spent many hours inquiring and doing a LOT of research on the best Dyno for our LS and VW needs, only to come across this gem. A 1600hp capable Stuska dyno with full data acquisition, automatic load control and internal starter.

For the past 10 years we have run our turnkey engines up for testing and tuning but we will now be able to test, fully break-in and tune under load, all of our turnkey Aircooled VW and LS engines in house! We are also looking forward to many hours of R&D, finding even better combinations and trying new things in the search of more horsepower with today’s available engine parts and technology!

The base of the dyno room is built along with the new engine room, which, albeit a bit smaller, is now much brighter, cleaner and ready for more blueprint and engine building action. Next up, is to remove the cupboards before the installation of the water tanks and observation window, finishing the internal walls and insulation of the room and some modifications to the Dyno frame in order to mount the automatic load control and FuelTech ECU which we use on all of our EFI engines. A desk and a custom control panel is also on our to-do list for outside of the dyno room.

LS engine’s already fit thanks to our billet SBC to LS adapter that we had made a few years ago (notice our old logo!). VW motors will fit with a little work to the motor plate and a custom adapter will be made to mount the driveshaft to the flywheel.

Just a ‘bit’ of work left to do!

We hope to offer the dyno service to all our turnkey engine customers, early in the new year!

Let’s Talk Dubs Podcast

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Have you ever wondered why Stef brought Aircooled Engineering from England to the US? How did he get into building motors? Why VW and Chevy LS? and where exactly did he learn everything he knows about blueprinting an engine?

Back in June, Bill from Let’s Talk Dubs approached Stef about recording a podcast to ask these questions and many more…

Click the link below to find out all the answers and hear how ACE Racing Engines all began!

ACE ’68 Patina Porsche Build

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The 912 that became so famous the patina has been copied as a wrap!

When Stefan saw this 1968 Irish Green Porsche on Ebay he knew he had to rescue it before a true ‘restorer’ got a hold of it. Patina is a favorite look of his and there was no way he was going to let this awesome patina and the story of this 50+ year old car be covered up and lost forever.

The Patina Porsche was all the way over in Tennessee (Stefan was still in the UK at this point). It had been sitting in a field for many many years so the floor was completely rotten, there was no suspension nor any of the undercarriage that could be saved, so much so, that it had to be shipped on a pallet!

The first task though, was to obtain a title before it could be shipped to the UK….

Once in Blighty, Stefan got to work on rebuilding the Patina Porsche from the ground up – whilst retaining the original patina, of course!

This was quite simply, a bare shell. No floors meant no interior, no gauges, no nothing! It was built over the course of two years and gained a lot of love and interest from people all over the world.

Once all the lower metal work was carried out, the interior floor pans and rear seat area were painted Irish green for a minimalist ‘outlaw’ look with a pair of re trimmed 912 seats, Momo steering wheel and Simpson Harnesses. The car sat on all new re-built 911 suspension and rolled on RSR styled Fuchs. Power was provided by an ACE built 2270cc stroker type 4 engine with Porsche 911 cooling and Weber 48 IDA’s backed by a 901 5 speed transmission.

Stefan and the Porsche had a front cover feature in Hayburner magazine and Stefan has since been innocently tagged in images on social media that appear to be his Irish Green Patina Porsche but is in fact, amazingly, an exact wrap copy of the ACE Built patina Porsche! Sadly the Patina Porsche is no longer with us at ACE but is providing beaucoup de joie to it’s new family in France!

OCTO Winter Meet 2020

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Saturday, February 15, 2020

For those that don’t know, Orange County Transporter Organization Winter Meet is a swap meet for 1967 and earlier Volkswagen buses only, it’s held at Long Beach Veteran’s Memorial Stadium, Long Beach, CA.

Two days prior to OCTO, we had just finished building the long block of a soon to be Turnkey 2276cc IDA motor and about to crate up a 2007cc Turnkey engine for shipping overseas, and thought rather than just go to OCTO to hang out and find a few bits for our newly acquired 1960 Mango 11-window bus ‘why not take our engines to display?!’

With our bus still on it’s long journey from Nebraska, we loaded the shop truck up instead. Our trusty 1973 Chevy C10 pick-up was making sparks on the freeway with the two air-cooled engines and the high end parts we had to display in the back!

Despite the thick fog and lack of coffee we got our gazebo up and the engines out on display and what a great day we had!

So many amazing buses on show, we met some awesome people, had some great feedback, bought ourselves some steels and Stef even got a pic with Gary Berg!

ACE LS build featured in ENGINE BUILDER Magazine!

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We are so humbled to have been approached by Greg from Engine Builder Magazine to discuss our latest LS build!

When we spoke to Greg, Adrian’s twin turbo 370 cid LS was on the stand going through the final stages of the build before being shipped out to the UK to be fitted into a neat little street & strip Vauxhall Victor, an English station wagon from 1968.

The engine is made up of an iron block, GM crank, Callies rods, Brian Tooley Racing twin turbo cam, CP-Carrillo pistons, AFR heads and ARP hardware. It’s got twin 62mm turbos with ball bearing and billet wheels and will be powered by Holley Dominator EFI.

We are looking forward to seeing Adrian’s engine making approximately 1200hp!

Check out this engine on our website:

Read the full Engine Builder Magazine feature here!