Congratulations to Arnie Pamment! – DOORSLAMMERS 2023 Winner!

Congratulations to our UK customer Arnie Pamment, who took home a nice £5k check (cheque) for winning True Street at Doorslammers ’23!

Arnie Pamment Doorslammers 2023 True Street Winner! - ACE Racing Engines - LC9 Engine

After a successful weekend racing and a PB at the NHRA Nostalgia Nationals two weeks prior, Arnie swapped out the Mickey Thompson Street R tires for a pair of MT SS tires, in order to compete in the True Street class at this years Doorslammers event running May 19th-23rd. And compete, he did!

Arnie’s sentimental AMC Javelin is home to an ACE Racing Engines LC9 328ci Single Turbo engine. Painstakingly measured, machined and assembled by our owner & chief engine builder, Stef, using a Molnar Crankshaft and Molnar Connecting Rods, Ross Pistons, Com Cams Camshaft, SCE Vulcan-Cut Head Gaskets, Trick Flow Cylinder Heads & Johnson Link Bar Lifters, to name a few.
Arnie Pamment Doorslammers 2023 True Street Winner! - AMC Javelin - Santa Pod - ACE Racing Engines - LC9

Well f**k what a weekend! We won!!!! 🏆 Best weekends racing ever! And it was the outcome I really wanted but to actually do it is crazy! The Car was amazing, it really was! I knew the cars’ always had potential but that ACE Racing Engines motor really helped me be able to show what the car can do! We are still getting to grips with the car and working out how it all works especially on the ss tyre those things are totally different to the street r, we spent most of the weekend just trying to get her to leave with them on!! Had some good rounds against some good cars and good drivers! It’s a shame the final wasn’t exactly how I’d have liked it but I proved my car was still on point and had what It needed to get the job done.

This weekend was a team effort for sure! Massive thank you to everyone that’s helped me at the track Steve Pamment, Tom Semper, Joseph Baxter, Rob Leyman, Gary Semper, Kyle Jacobs and everyone else that helped with anything and that was rooting for me!

Stefan Rossi for not only for building the little 5.3 that can, but for being awake a silly hours this weekend to help me keep her safe! Along with Jacob Gaddis from FuelTech USA also awake when he should be asleep your a legend mate and we wouldn’t have done it without you! Both of you!

Edge Performance Transmissions for the gearbox that things working a treat! Pete Nichols and Circle D Specialties for the converter!

Chris Goodale at Goodale American Speedshop for getting me stuff crazy fast when I decide in a flap last minute I need it!

And to everyone that makes the weekends racing so good! Even without the racing! Those who I’ve already tagged above plus Justin Woolner, Sally Woolner, Marc Huxley, Danny Wilson, Pete Lane and so many more! U.K. drag racing really does have some cracking people in it!

Racing with my dad there helping me this weekend was pretty special and I’m pleased to do well for him he’s the reason I have this mad hobbie and for those that don’t know – this car is a big part of it too. Dad had the car before me and bought it in ’97! Safe to say she’s going nowhere 💙

Santa Pod Raceway what an event! Now let’s get ready for Street Weekend 2023😎😎

And I really do mean this when I say thank you to my wife because on the run up to this event I’ve been a man obsessed and I’ve been pretty tunnel visioned to get here thank you Isabella Pamment we’ll be on holiday soon and I can’t touch the car then 😂😅.

– Arnie Pamment